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I'm working on a system that was based off of the Mandrake 8.2 distro. To further make things interesting, it is running kernel version 2.4.22 (distributed with Mandrake 9.2 if memory serves).

I realize that USB Mass Storage support in 2.4.22 was experimental but in general it works well. The one area in which my head hurts is with regard to partitioning and the ability to mount.

What I've noticed is that not all mass storage devices are recognizable by this kernel. When the device has one mount point, I mount it, I use it, I unmount it.

However, after various trips to BestBuy, I'm discovering that not all USB Mass Storage devices are appearing in the same manner under 2.4.22. The other scenario is that 4 partitions appear.

What's special about 4?

In this case, I've found that sometimes the 4th partition is the appropriate partition to mount and I can use it properly and in other cases none of the partitions are mountable and nothing works.

Is there any rhyme or reason for this behvior?

Ubuntu and Windows seems to hide this ism when using these mass storage devices.

I guessing, the initial responses to this post is "why the bloody heck are you using such and archaic distro/kernel version?" Good question... well this is an old system...

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