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    help resolving dependencies

    Hi. Im a newbie to Linux . I'm using Mandrake 10.0 and having trouble installing software off the net. In particular I'm having trouble with the myriad of dependencies involved. Anybody know if there's an easy way around them.?? Maybe like a program that resolves the dependencies and automatically fetches the required files ?

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    There is a program called APT which does exactly what you just stated. I'm pretty sure that mandrake comes with it...
    as root:
    apt-get update
    let that run and you will then be able to do:
    apt-get install package

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    Hmmm. bash dosen't recgonize apt -get. Mandrake uses the rpm system. I've been downloading "tar.gz" files and unzipping them , using "./configure" and "make" and running all over hell's half acre on the internet trying to get the required files that i'm told are missing . Problem is that I fetch one set of files and try to install them only to find they are dependent on yet another set of files. Yikes ! I've pretty much been everywhere on the net. I'm running out of sites !

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    Mandrake's APT is called URPMI. See the installing software guide in the tuttorials section.

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    All that helped alot , thanks folks !

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