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    Wink Configuring a Mail Server in Mandriva 2010

    I want to know how I can configure a mail server in Mandriva 2010 what do i need to download to get it up and running or does it come with Kolab or Postfix on the media?

    Which linux OS is more stable..CenOS 5.3, Ubuntu 8.04 and Debian when it comes to package management.



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    You have several questions there. Let me deal with the distro question first. Package management is no problem with any of the distros that you mention, but they are different. CentOS uses rpm packages like Mandriva. It has a gui interface for packagemanagement, but if you are used to using command-line installation or update the commands are different - not difficult to learn though: I found them easier to remember than urpmi commands. Debian and Ubuntu both use .deb packages. Again there are gui interfaces, but the commands are very different from rpm commands. If you are able to set up a machine to be a dedicated server, I'd recommend CentOS, as it has long term support, and rolling updates - no need to either wipe everything every six months or risk dodgy upgrades. It's very smooth. However you will not find the latest and greatest packages here - it's intended mainly as a server or enterprise version. If you need to share your mail server for general work and play you will probably want to use a different distro - and Mandriva is as good as any.

    Now for mail serving. You can do pretty much the same thing whether you use CentOS or Mandriva (and I would expect any other major distro to have packages for the same applications). What you need to install depends on how much work you want the server to do. If you want it to separate local network mail from internet mail, then you will need postfix installed, and you will need its transport section edited to know the difference. If you intend sending everything through the internet you probably don't need it, as sendmail is normally installed by default. For the actual serving of mail, if you want to read the same mail queue from different computers then you need to set up IMAP mail. I recommend Dovecot as a server, because there is good, easily understood, documentation on their web pages.

    Hope that helps you make decisions.

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    very nice explanation Annew


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