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    As all ready stated use md5 to check the disk. Their are no "normal" disk! The only diff. between mandrake disk is the release. Use a diff. floppy. Did you use RawWrite? Did you use it off the cd or from the web site. The ramdisk is just like a win98 boot disk. It must make a temp drive.
    you can dl rawwrite here. Then copy the img files you need.

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    I've had the same problems that you are having and got around it all by unzipping the downloaded iso's to a windows folder. Once I had all 1800 mb or so of files in the folder , I created a boot floppy from rawrite that was to boot from the hard drive . I booted from that floppy and followed the instructions , giving it the path on hd0 to look for the mandrake files and it installed ok. Then , of course I had to erase the 1800 mb of Mandrake files from my windows partition. You may want to try that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binge
    oh **** i burned the isos using nero and i have deleted all of them!
    _______________reply _________

    Don't do Linux , but i made coasters by using NERO , then read NERO
    ( MS W98SE) and he said "we don't have Rockridge extensions .."
    But then i read somewhere Linux DOES do Rockridge , so maybe my post is off no help , sorry . Anyone know about dis ?

    BTW in W98SE
    I must pull down menu and select "recorder" to NOT burn a CD , but
    make an image , then i burn the image to CDR ... if ya don't , you'll
    trash the CD when you have > 8 folders deep ...

    I'll do Linux when i can install and use it w/o reading a manual .
    You know , just like W98 . I am a computer programmer .

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    make sure your not burning at anything over 12x or 16x, i found that higher burn speeds cause alot of errors, try re burning them at a slower speeds and make sure the md5sums are correct

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    you also mentionned BOOT DISK FAILURE...
    first of all
    did you set the optin in BIOS to load from CD
    if not... well do it

    for image burning on windows... Alchool is what I recommend... and regarding the speed it actually burns... I have serious dougth this would affect the "quality" of the burning... I can burn at X40 on a X32 cd without having any corruption!

    and most of all... burning an .iso under windows is like getting feed by someone else... no effort, painless and easy as hell!

    I know NERO can sometimes have some issues with windows XP... but in the POST is says your using 98? or im mistaken?
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    Assuming that you have already changed the boot sequence from bios (first boot device cdrom) the usage of the second mandrake boot disk might solve the problem (mandrake 10 prorelease could not boot from disk 1, so you had to load the disk 2 and then the system requested the 1st disk). Easy to try it!

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