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    OK i messed up I hope someone can help.

    OK, heres what i did. I Created new partitions using the install new operating system option of Partition Magic 8.0, out of windows XP. I partitioned my 72 gig SATA drive... like this
    50 gigs, to windows, at the beginning, with a 500 mb swap after, and a 12 gig EXT2 for linux after that.
    I then installed Mandrake Community 10.1.
    When it asked me to specify where the bootloader should go, I assumed it had to go on the first drive, I specified the windows partition, which Mandrake calls SDA1.
    It installed
    I rebooted, Lilo came up
    Now when I try to load XP, The system crashes hard. I tried safe mode, it crashes after MUP.sys....
    Did i mess up my partition?
    Can I save my windows, I dont want to format
    Please help.

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    Try re-installing LILO to /dev/sda as you actually installed it to the first partition(which contains M$) rather than the MBR.
    Me & Myself just ganged up on I....... Now We all have problems..and none of Us are speaking!
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    OK, well i've got somewhere

    Linux is gone....

    Im on XP, that i put on another drive in my machine, and i loaded partition magic to it

    I got my C drive back to normal, as far as partitions,
    but since i wrote grub, to the windows partition, thats What i get at boot,
    text line grub that cant do anything, basically I need to figure out how to put the windows boot files back on the C drive

    I tried using recovery console and doing fixboot and fixmbr


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