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    Question whats the difference !!!!

    hi guys ...whats the difference between STABLE and UNSTABLE could i tell which one is the stable and which one is not ????
    and whats a Snapshot forexemple : psyco-snapshot.tar.gz ??
    what does it mean : "recursive download" ??

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    Stable software is softwware that has been tested and any bugs found are fixed.
    Example: Clicking toos menu and nothing opens.

    Unstable Software has not been tested fully yet for bugs to be labled as Stable yet.
    Some funtions may not work. I don't run a rpm distro. So am not familiar with a lot of rpm distro terms.

    A tar.gz . You can think of those in crude terms like a Windows Zipped file that needs to be unzipped. Usually they are source files that need to be installed manually via compile tools like build-essential (only familiar with apt definitions. Not sure what Open -Suse,Mandriva,Fedora call iit)

    In case it helps. Here is the Mandriva Manual.

    Mastering Mandriva Linux
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