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Thread: About Hardware

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    About Hardware

    I ve Mandrake linux 8. Now I cant use my Pen drive(kingstone 128 MB), web cam(intel), internal modem(prolink) or printer(canon s200spx). What to do?

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    please reword your question in such a way that we can maybe try to understand what the problem is. as it stands, it is very unclear and impossible to diagnose.
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    About Hardware

    The thing is that when I plug my pen drive into a USB port. But it is not recognized by my mandrake linux os. Also I ve a prolink internal modem(chip is Motorolla SM56 speakerphone Modem) which works fine in Windows ME/XP but when I want to dial using it in Linux "Modem is not responding" message is shown. There is not any driver for the printer in the list provided by linux itself. The main thing is that I was wondering whether this particular version of Mandrake (8.0) does support these devices or not coz it's very old I guess. Now if these devices are indeed supported in other Linux distros or even Mandrake 9/10 then I think I ve to upgrade my linux. But if there are any tricks which can make em work that would be very nice.
    PS: The webcam is Intel PC Camera CS110.

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