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    Unable to find ndiswrapper interface - Establish Wireless Connection

    I just installed Mandriva Powerpack 2010 on a Dell Inspiron mini 10 and I can't make a wireless connection.
    I downloaded a wireless driver from and then went to Configure Your Computer -> Network & Internet -> Set up new network interface -> Wireless(Wi-Fi)-> Use a Windows driver (with ndiswrapper) and then selected the .INF file of that driver.I got this message: " The selected device has already been configured with the ssb driver.Do you really want to use a ndiswrapper drive? When I choose Yes I get the message:"Unable to find network interface for selected device(using ndiswrapper driver)" and "Unable to find ndiswrapper interface". For No it displays only "Unable to find network interface for selected..." .
    If I type
    in the terminal I get :
    lo no wireless extensions.
    eth0 no wireless extensions.

    And for
    ndiswrapper -l
    I get :
    bcmwl5 : driver installed
    device (14E4:4315) present (alternate driver: ssb)

    How can I fix this problem so I can connect to a wireless connection?
    I'm pretty new to Linux and could really use some help with this!

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    This is quite a nasty situation with Broadcom wireless chips, perhaps not limited to Dell machines but at least on mine also. That's how I resolved it. You have to do with MCC and a terminal as root at the same time.

    0. Make sure ndiswrapper is installed
    urpmi ndiswrapper
    1. Switch off network completely
    service network stop
    2. Go to the process of creating a new wireless connection in MCC
    3. When you are prompted if you really want to use ndiswrapper, select 'Y', don't validate and go back to the terminal and in one line
    modprobe ndiswrapper; rmmod b43; rmmod b44; rmmod ssb
    4. Then go back to MCC and validate.
    5. Lastly restart nework
    service network start
    There's another driver for Broadcom chips, I have never used it and won't spend time with it as I'm not a great wireless fan.
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    Even though I got an error for the modules :
    ERROR: Module b43 does not exist in /proc/modules
    ERROR: Module b44 does not exist in /proc/modules
    ERROR: Module ssb does not exist in /proc/modules

    I got rid of that message and I could the network I want to log on to and enter the WPA-PSK. So thanks for that!

    But I get another error when I try to connect ( Do you want to start the connection now? Y) because "The package wpa_supplicant needs to be installed." When I try to install it I get error :
    ...retriving failed: 0B/s/var/cache/urpmi/partial/libpcsclite1-1.5.5-2mdv2010.1.i586.rpm( there are 5 of them)
    ...retrieving failed: aria2 failed: exited with 1.

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    Ignore the previous post. I forgot to go online
    Thanks a lot for your help and your prompt reply!!

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