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    changing the hostname

    Hi . I'm trying to change the hostname on my box because I'm having network troubles with machines running window's XP . seems xp defaults to "localhost " for their hostnames too. I've used
    "hostname -v new_host_name"
    and edited the etc/hosts file to read
    " new_host_name "
    but when I reboot everything reverts to localhost except of course there is no localhost in the etc/hosts file so I get an error(warning) on boot.
    Any Ideas ??
    Thanks in advance.

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    you have to have localhost in your /etc/hosts file.. it's the same as having both and your LAN (local) IP address in /etc/hosts...

    to change your hostname, edit /etc/hostname
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    Thanks. If I had bothered to read some of the other posts on this site I wouldn't have had to ask the question. Sorry about that . I actually got around it by editing the netbios name in the samba.conf file . The whiney XP machines can see me now !
    Thanks again.

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    Changing the host name

    You could have also edited this file:


    There should be a line in there that says:

    I had to change my hostname and I edited this file.

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    I have problem in changing the hostname when I use this file : /etc/sysconfig/network, it doesn't give me the permition to save the edited file, what should I do to be able to save it?


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    This thread is very old and unlikely to continue.
    Please open your own one

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