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    Install software? (newb here)

    This is driving me nuts i do not understand 1 thing in the tutorials ive seen. I just don get how to install software, i need like pics and step by step instructions lol i know im askin fo alot here. When i say step by step i mean wat do i click on and wat do i type in etc. If theres a tutorial like this plz point me in the direction of it. O and feel free if u would like to offer ur own tutorial.

    Jus incase any of u ask im using Mandrake 10.1 and KDE

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    Linux works a lot on etc, and yes, some apps can be installed through a wizard. Others, you must know some console commands to be able to install them, such as: make, make install, configure, ./. Open any terminal program and type $ man ****, **** meaning the command you want help about. Don't type the $ sign, i just put it there as the terminal program does. At this link you can learn about the shell and it's commands:

    Also, you must explicitly tell the OS through links which apps use others, like using the Java plugin for your web browser.

    Here in this forum, there's a section of manuals and howto's to get around and start learning the basics about GNU/Linux. This next link may get you updated about the background of this new OS you are starting to use:

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    Ok it depends. Like above it depends on the software your trying to install. If you’re new to the Linux world then look for RPM's. It kind of like exe's in other stuff. If it is software on a mandrake install CD then open the menu and go to System --> Configuration --> Packaging --> Install Software, inter your root password and your good to go. If it is a .tar or even .tar.gz then you need to know were you put it. Open the Term window and “cd” to that directory. So open the Term window and do this: ‘type’ cd / (press enter) ‘type’ ls (press enter) now then, lets say it’s in your Documents then it would look like
    cd /home/’yourname’/Documents ‘type’ ls and view the file/files 'type’ tar -zxvpf my_tar_file.tar.gz
    -z - unzip the file first
    -x - extract the files from the tarball
    -v - "verbose" (i.e tar tells you what files it's extracting)
    -p - preserves dates, permissions of the original files
    -f - use the file in question (if you don't specify this, tar just sort of sits around doing nothing)
    Also see
    good place to start

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    tkz fo the help guys. Ive had maybe like an hour a day to mess wit linux cause of work, and that is jus not enough time lol. Im gonna try those links out. Tkz again

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