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    how to check for doubles in WOL

    First a warning!!!
    I have no idea what im doing, im a windows man not linux, so help should be nice and slooooow.

    At work we have a mandrake 9.2 we use it for WOL and dns.

    I have notice that some of our computer is not shutting down as they should.
    (Come to think about it, maybe i need to check the cron job instead.)
    Anyways, i look through the Root->WOL to check the MAC:. And i realized that alot of mac: that i have are not in the WOL.
    There is alot of MAC in the WOL, but i also have alot the is not in there.

    My question is how do i check if the the mac in the WOL are working. I can ofcause check by hand and work around to all my machines to check if the mac is the same as the one in the WOL.

    But is there some fancy command. where i can "ping" all the computer in the WOL to see if i get a reply.?

    Im using WinSCP 4.2.1 to connect to the server and sometimes webadmin.


    remember sloooowly

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    WOL=WakeonLan?? I assume this from your post but you were not specific? Googling WOL does give a lot of interesting output. You should be able to ping with a bash script, using nmap, using grep or fping (and probably others?). I just googled "ping multiple computers and got numerous hits. If you are not familiar with scripting or nmap, you should be able to find example scripts/commands to use. I'm not much at programming so hesitate to offer specifics.

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