ok i have a compaq wint win xp home on it and all of a sudin all my cd and dvd drives are gone. well this is not the first time this has happed and well i had to reinstall it to fix it. So as u can see i think windows sucks as*. i made a boot floppy for MD 10.1 and im trying to install it off a microsolutions batman backpack scsi drive because i cant get the other cd drives to work and the bios dose not see them. no when i get in to the setup it loads then i get a prompt that says "no CDROM device found" so i clicked ok. then i get a prompt "please insert the additional driver floppy" i click ok. then it gose to a driver select thing i think it is. so i selected scsi_mod.ok and then it asks me please enter the parameters ro give to the kernel and i have no clue what that is so that is why i am here.

thanks for any help