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    need help thanks

    hello all i have heard so much about mandrake and it sounded so good i wanted to give it a go kwick run down on what i have and what i have done.

    i bought a new box with a asus p4p800-e deluxe with one gig of dual chanel 400 hz ram and a wd 80 gig hd now the problems

    i could not get the disk to boot from this new machine so i hooked the hd up to a machine that would boot the cd that was i guess the first mistake. i was able to load the first 2 disks but the 3rd was bad so i canceled the last install. the machine went through the reboot and everything went well i was able to surf the web and start to learn some..

    now tonight i removed the hd and placed it into the machine that was built for it it went through some config things np there i think.. but now i am stuch at a screen asking this question

    Mandrake Linux release 10.0 (offical) for i586
    kernel 2.6.3-7mdk on an i686 / tty1
    localhost login:

    i dont know the localhost login name or password!

    now i dont know what to do i can not lreload the sw i have tryed and no go how do i go about fixing this thanks in advance


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    i think your problem is due to different machine equipment. Your login should be the login that you assigned during the setup, as well as the password.

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    thanks i have tryed that but no go sorry i did not mention that


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    if you didn't create a user during the install, then your login will be 'root' (w/o quotes) and the passwd will be whatever you set the root passwd to during the install..

    if you *did* create a user during the install, then the login will be the username you created and the passwd you assigned it.

    if you don't remember either of these, you may need to get a LiveCD and then do the following as root on the liveCD:
    mkdir /mnt/linux
    mount /dev/hdXN /mnt/linux  //where X is the hard drive letter and N is the partition number
    cd /mnt/linux
    chroot /mnt/linux /bin/bash
    umount /mnt/linux
    shutdown -r now
    that will set your root password and allow you administrator access to your machine. from there, you should use whatever tools your distro comes with to add a regular user and only use root when you have to...
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    thanks bro i got the user name and password going then i entered the comand startx and i get a few errors the error is error in locking authority file home/username/.xauthorty

    what is wrong now thanks


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