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    Mandrake decision

    I have a small question. I am currently using FC2 and have been having a few problems and am growing tired of it. I was wondering if a jump to Mandrake 10(since I wont be able to donate since im too youg and my rents wont let me use there credit card) would be a easy transition? FC2 runs fairly average on my comp(speed wise).

    Is there anything I should be warned about when jumping to Mandrake 10?
    Is it more or less user friendly than FC2?(opinion)
    Sounds like you get more with it, is this true?
    Is this a smart idea(switching from FC2 to MAndrake 10)?

    Any help greatly appreciated. Distrowatch makes it sound great, but I want user opinions from this great forum. Thanx in advanced.

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    I really like mandrake but wait a bit longer for 10.1 official

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    Isn't it possible to just upgrade to 10.1 after installing it?

    BTW, speed wont matter as much since I will install Fluxbox right away.

    Is the partitioning like it is for FC2? Cuzz that was basic.

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