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    Want to upgrade kernel


    I have mandrake linux 8. When I wanted to install my sm56 modem I found that there were options for only versions 9 and 10. Now when I tried to install it anyway it said "kernel mismatch". Now it crossed my mind that if I could somehow upgrade the kernel to that of version 9 than it might work. Now the problem is twofold:

    1. I absolutely dont have any idea of how to upgrade a kernel.
    2. Even if I upgrade it, will it work? Because only the kernel will be changed and not other components like filesystem, memory management or IO. So I am afraid that they will conflict with it.

    Would anyone having expertise in this help me out here?

    Thank you.

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    You can either go through the process of getting a much more up to date version - because mandrake 8 is seriously out of date (in your post you mention help with versions 9 and 10 these are distro versions, not kernels) or you could just read up about URPMI, maybe try urpmi kernel (as root, in a terminal).

    Or maybe change to a distro that you don't have to update every 6 months, which is what I did - it wasn't easy - ha, I should say, it's still not easy, but with one of the debian based things, or gentoo, you should be able to just keep doing updates.

    Sorry if I can't be more specific.



    p.s. Or another way, would be to go to put your version into the drop down, follow the instructions and see what updates it can supply - as I already pointed out, you're gonna be very limited, and nearly at the bottom of the update list at easy urpmi. I doubt if you can get much in the way of support now!

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