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    How do I remove Mandriva Boot Loader?

    I set up a laptop about a year ago and wanted it to be a dual boot Windows 7/Mandriva system. If I remember correctly I set up Windows 7 first and then when I installed Mandriva it found the Windows 7 installation and then set itself up so that at boot time I get the option on a Mandriva type screen to boot into either Mandriva or Windows 7.

    I am getting a new laptop in a couple weeks and want this laptop to become my Mandriva system. Since I need more space on my Windows 7 laptop for work I want to make it a 100% Windows laptop with repartitioning the hard drive to make it all available to Windows but while doing this I also want to remove the Mandriva Boot Loader so that when I turn it on it simply boots into Windows and doesn't give any dual boot options. I don't want to wipe out the computer and start completely over though since then I'd have to completely set up Windows 7 again.

    How do I go about doing this? Is there a way to do this in Mandriva so that I can remove this boot loader or do I have to somehow do it in Windows 7 to remove this boot loader so it boots straight into Windows?

    Thank you for your help.

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    You can remove the bootloader from the Mandriva partition and the master boot record from Mandriva but then you will not be able to boot. You need to use the windows 7 installation CD (if you have one) to rewrite the mbr. If you don't have a full installation CD, you may be able to do it if you have a Recovery CD to access a recovery partition from a preinstalled windows 7.

    If you don't have a recovery CD, you can google EasyBCD and go to its site to download the CD.

    Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

    The link below to microsoft explains the recovery process:

    How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

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    You can also do it with any Windows bootable installation CD like the XP install disk or similar. Just boot to the CD and you will first come to the partition utility where you can delete partitions easily.

    Also, to get rid of the duel boot menu at post boot simply edit your boot.ini file in the root of your C: directory on your windows partition. It is a hidden file so you have to change folder view options to see hidden system files.

    Edit out the boot options you do not wish to see.


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