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    Help. I cannot boot into Linux

    Hi, I am new to linux and I am now receiving the following line when I boot into linux.

    kernal panic: no init found. Try passing init= option to kernal.

    Dual boot, Win 98SE, AMN 1.8, 512 Ram.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Michael Carey, KD7GHZ

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    please tell us which version of mandrake you are running, how you installed it, and whether you are using LILO or Grub...

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    Help, reply

    Mandrake 10
    I installed it from CD purchased from Cheapbytes.

    It was working and quite well. I am not sure but I one of my children shut the computer down in linux without consideration.



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    I have had the same problem you have lost you inittab file it is or was in etc/
    to fix i need some info cane you boot from CD1 to rescue mode if so ti can be fixed .

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    Before you continue, did you

    chroot /mnt

    after booting from the CD?

    Booting from the CD gives you a /MNT folder that contains all your hard drive folder, so you can find your /etc folder at


    or you can immediately type

    chroot /mnt

    which changes the root location to /mnt (rendering it invisible). Afterwards, you can type

    cd /etc

    Just check this before you assume its gone..

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    ur processor

    pie... reinstall bootloader

    its happened to me before... bcuz im in windoze right now i cant tell you what that line should read but if you reinstall your bootloader from the rescue program on disk 1 then it auto detects your settings and re writes them into your init= line...

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