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    Mandrake 10.1 Community Install Problem


    I know this is not a new topic as I have searched this and other fora and turned up a plethora of results.

    When I try to install I get the "Could not uncompress second stage ramdisk" error. I downloaded and checked the ISOs directly from the sunsite FTP server (the link from

    Almost all solutions refer to overburning CDs and rewriting CDs but I am getting this same error when I decompress the ISOs (using WinRAR) into a windows folder and try and install from there using GRUB on a bootable floppy.

    In the log I am getting the error "UNEXPECTED_EOF" relating to the second stage ramdisk decompression.

    I'm a total newbie and am completely at a loss to how I can install Mandrake 10.1 on my system - please help [don't consign me to windows forever]!!!! I know I could try other distros but I am of the understanding that this is the best one for newcomers.....

    My system:
    PIII 550MHz
    128MB (100MHz) RAM
    80GB HDD

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have sympathy for you m8 - I get the same problem.

    I installed Ubuntu linux and even though I was ready for problems, I didn't anticipate that it wouldnt support any of the 3 mice I have here! So since it was unusable I thought I would try Mandrake and this one won't even install!!!

    Guess I will have to try a 3rd linux distribution, hmm second thoughts maybe I will just stick to XP.

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