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    hi guys,

    This is a little confusing
    Initially i had 3 operating systems on my machine (ntel D865GBF 3.0 ghz)with 80 GB SATA disk.

    1. windows 2000 (Partition C, Primary partition. from where my machine used to boot)
    2. windows 2003 server (Partition D, Logical Partition)
    3. Mandrake 10 (seperate partition)

    I used LILO to boot into mandrake

    Day before yesterday i removed windows 2000 from my C: (primary partition) ....with windows 2003 server amd mandrake still at their respective partitions as mentioned above...and my system stopped booting (Error : Missing NTldr)

    I then used the windows 2003 server installation CD and strightway deleted partition D: Logical Partition (then showing as free space......after deletion) and installed windows 2003 server on partition C: (Primay Partition)..........with mandrake still at its orignal location.

    After i loaded windows 2003 server in partition C: (primary partition), i converted the free space into a new partition GLgical Partition).......with mandrake still there at its initial location


    here comes the PROBLEMO............

    After all this.......when i tried to boot into linux............its showed LILO error.........and i fixed it by using MANDRAKE INSTALLATION CD "rescue" option and configuring my
    /etc/lilo.conf file

    The Linux-smp option in the boot menu is the only one thats gets me inside mandrake......but the rest of the options like LINUX and LINUX SWAP give the following error

    "Kernel Panic: Resume Machine: Unable to find suspended data signature (- misspelt "

    plz help guys................



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    IIRC, when you insert the Mandrake cd, you should actually type "rescue", to restore lilo.

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    Can you post your lilo.conf file? I'm thinking there's something different (like path settings or kernel options) about linux_smp then the rest that's letting you boot.

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