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    Installing Mandrake from Windows 2000 drive with GRUB floppy

    I've downloaded the Mandrake 10.1 CD's and extracted them (WinISO) to a folder called Mandrake under the root folder on my Windows 2000 partition. I created the GRUB boot floppy (rawritewin.exe) using the hd_grub.img and modified it to point to the location on my hard drive where the "vmlinuz" and "all.rdz" files are. In fact this is what my GRUB floppy has in it's menu.lst file:

    timeout 0
    default 0

    title Mandrake Install

    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /mandrake/isolinux/alt0/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=128000 root=/dev/ram3 acpi=ht vga=788 automatic=method:disk,partition=hda1,directory=/mandrake
    initrd /mandrake/isolinux/alt0/all.rdz

    I get the classic error 17, which states that it doesn't recognize the filesystem. Windows 2000 is formatted as NTFS and I wonder if this is the problem.

    Is it possible to dump the install files to a Windows 2000 partition and make a GRUB boot disk?



    I changed the root (hd0,0) to rootnoverify (hd0,0) and now receive error 15, which states that it can't find the file. Am I making progress?

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    I am unsure of what you are doing. Are you trying to install mandrake? If you are then are you trying to install it "IN" windows? If yes then that is a bad idea! Ok first install windows with the amount of space you need. If you need to resize then look at a program called partition commander. Then install mandrake in its own partition. You only need a boot disk if you can not boot from CD. Enter the BOIS and change you boot options. Unless it is a really old computer you should not have any problems.

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    Yes I would suspect that the NTFS partition is the problem, it is not fully supported AFAIK. Use a FAT32 or Linux partition and it should work just fine.

    Edit: I just saw your edit about it not finding the file. Yes that means it has mounted your NTFS partition and can't find the file. Have you got your CASE correct? Like - you said your directory was "Mandrake" but in your config you have "mandrake".

    If you are sure you have the direcory right etc and the files are there and it still can't find the file - then a FAT32 or Linux partition will work. I just installed mine off a FAT32.


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