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    package required for connecting to internet ?

    Hello friends, which package/repositories are required for networking to connect wireless/wired modems for using net ?

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    Unless you did something extraordinary during the install, you should have all the utilities you need to connect to your modem (at least for wired - wireless might require an additional package or two). What you really need is your router's IP address, and possibly some connection info, if you are not using DHCP, or if the router does not have DNS info (unlikely).

    Assuming you are using a wired connection, do you have a CAT-5 ethernet cable going from your PC to the modem? Take care of that first, if not.

    Check the following commands (run them as root), show the output of them and we can help you further:

    current TCP configuration:
    ip a
    current routing info:
    route -n
    current DNS info:
    cat /etc/resolv.conf
    check physical link of your ethernet device(s):
    for i in `ls /sys/class/net/|grep -v lo`; do echo -n $i;ethtool $i|grep Link;done
    Note: that last command will fail if you don't have the ethtool package installed.

    See if you can already get on the net:
    Two ways to check if DNS resolving is working:
    Note: that last commands will fail if you don't have the bind-utils package installed.

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