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    Armagetron won't play smoothly anymore..

    Hi all.

    I'm not new to computing, but new to Linux and this forum. What a great OS. I've been using Linux for about 11-12 months now without to much bother, nothing I couldn't solve myself. There is one problem I'm having at the moment though.

    When I run Armagetron it jumps so bad I can't play it... Now the game has been installed on the same machine and worked fine in the past... But for some reason, I can't get it to work now I've reinstalled the pc... any ideas.. I'm not sure what has changed when I've reinstalled the whole machine. I always write step by steps to help with this situation, but seem to have lost it.... and now I'm lost.. Dhooo?????

    Armagetron is version 0.2.4 on Mandrake 9. I'm using an NVidea TNT2 32MB. Like I said, I've not changed any hardware which is all working fine. The problem seems to be a configuration issue, I don't think the machine is running Mesa/Opengl correctly; Chromium doesn't play correctly either...

    Hope someone can help.

    Cheers in advance.

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    Is it really such a hard problem.... Is nobody able to help.. come on dudes any help is really appreciated.

    I'm not after any magic answers, though some would be nice.. lol.

    I'm finding it hard to get my head around linux's 3D engine capabilities... In windows its Directx/OpenGL etc... How does Linux do it... Any good URL's to tutorials would be really appreciated..

    Someone please help.

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    Hi, do you see the Nvidia splashscreen when you boot the computer, do you really know the Nvidia driver has been installed, if you su to root in a terminal and enter "glxgears" do you get a really high frame rate or is it jerky. Make a note of the frame rate and exit the demo, then enter "modprobe nvidia" and then run "glxgears" again. Has the frame rate gone up. Get back to me with your results.

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    did you install the nVidia linux drivers from ?? they are necessary for 3d acceleration with nVidia cards under linux...

    they are very well-written (unlike ATI's drivers) and you can also get the nvidia-written config tools for your nvidia card... just dig around at

    oh, and the instructions for installing the drivers is there, too.
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    Cheers for the reply guys... I'll check out your suggestions and get back to you later with the results.


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