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    shutting down mandrake 10.1 official

    Is there an option to shutdow at the ensd of a session
    i'm only seeing log off...?

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    click the logoff menu item and you'll get a logoff dialog that will ask you (among other things) if you want to shut down.

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    Shutting down

    For me it works to type "halt" in a terminal window, or "reboot" if that's what I want. You may need to sign in as "su" (that is, root from within a user session) to do it -- that depends on how your session is set up. I can do it just as my normal user.

    "Halt" on my system shuts everything down neatly and then powers down. I usually stop the X-server first but I don't think that's necessary.


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    Mandrake Shutdown

    2 ways to shutdown Mandrake..
    1) In a terminal type poweroff
    2) In KDE, Click on the kicker, scroll up to the Run Command and enter poweroff

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    After logout type in the bash
    shutdown -h now (-h is for halt, now is the time)
    it will ask for the root password and thats it

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    Thanks everyone!

    Thanks every1

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    Although I'm sure you already know this, I'll say it anyway To do it GUI only, after you logoff, you'll be brought back to the login screen. Select logoff from there. It's in one of the options. I'm not sure if you can change GDM to give you the options when you logoff like you can in KDM. Anyone?

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