Hey Guys:

-iMac G4 with Nvidia geforce mx2-
--Mandrake 10.1 ppc--

Here's what I have:

1) I downloaded the 3 ISO install disk images. I burned the 3 disk images to cd.

2) I booted from the install disk 1... after selecting "install-gui" it starts the process

3) The screen flashes to a new black and white text page then promptly the screen goes blank... so fast I cannot make out what it says.

4) the last part of the text I see-- I *think* it says "nvidia"...POOF... gone

I have tried it 7 times, same result. I have tried "install-text"... same result.

After doing some research on the internet, the only thing I can come close to is nvidia problems, but from what I have read, those postings usually refer to booting mandrake, not the install.

Am I missing a step?

The internet is filled with info about Mandrake, but I cannot find a solution.

Thanks for your time.