Hi all,
I have Mandrake 10.1 on my laptop dual booting with xp. I also have coLinux running on xp from which i have managed to load (with some trouble but it was worth it) both debian and gentoo (the two provided disk images at coLinux site) and load my linux partitions. Now I'm trying to get Mandrake to load up from the partition itself so that I wont have to bother with the bulky disk images and moreover, to keep working on the stuff i do in mandrake even while i'm logged in from xp.

if anyone has tried this and has succeded i would really love it. I need to do this because there are some things that i need to do from xp right now and hate having to switch booting to get into mandrake.

I would be interesting in hearing about anyone with any experience with coLinux.. it really seems like a really cool development.... opens up a whole new vista of possibilities