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    Quote Originally Posted by sealfood
    Moral: every PC owning home should have a lInux live CD. Thay are cheap or even free, they don't eat your food nor leave a mess on the floor and they are very useful.
    I agree. In fact, Microsoft should include one with every new computer that has Windows installed!
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    That is true; the Live CD:s come very handy for a........dozens of situations. =)

    I just wanted to add that once I had this old Red Hat 6.2, which had a VERY useful option for installing. You were able to indeed install your Linux to an active Windows-partition! During the install, the Red Hat made an image (.img) of your "Linux partition" to your hd:s first directory (for example, C). And naturally you were able to see your Linux as a single img, which also gave you the option of removing your Linux very nicely and without pain.

    But personally I found that this setup was not very smart. Think about it, running your Linux (which then used ext2-filesystem) over your Windows' fat32-filesystem! You can imagine how crappy setup that can be. But for beginners, not bad. You could taste the penguin without installing it every time again (LiveCD), and if something went wrong, no problem, just del the image. Now how simple that can be.

    And Odum, great that you solved your problem (at least at some stage...)!

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