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    need some advice (hard drives)

    i have 2 hard drives, a 20 gb and a 40 gb. the 40 moves at 100mb/s (or so) and the 20 at 33mb/s.

    right now i am running on the 20gb only. i would like to use the 40 (more for speed purposes). i would like to know if it is possible to simply move all the data from the 20 on to the 40 or if it would be easier to make the 40 the /home .

    plus i have one problem. the 40 also has linux on it and when i connect it is boots from the 40 not the 20 (even when reinstalling the boot loader)

    so what do you think would be the easiest way to go, and how should i begin (i think i can take it from there)


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    Two things to check:
    1> the jumpers on the hard drives (one should be master, one slave)
    2> the boot order in bios
    And you should be able to cp -a one drive to the other.
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    this is what happens:

    with the 40 as master and the 20 as slave , or the other way around you get the same result which is it loads until this point

    mount: error 6 mounting ext3 flags defaults
    a few simalar lines and then finally
    kernel panic: no init found
    and i would like to point out at this time that both the 40 and the 20 are running mdk 10.1 so i need to find a way to format the 40 then copy the data onto it. (or just use the 40 for the /home)

    Edit : oh yes and the boot order also has no effect.

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    do i need to format the 40 first? if so will i need a boot disk?

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    Have you checked the IDE cable you're using? Are you using an ancient one you found in an old PC?? That would explain the difference. There have been a few changes to the standard over the past 10 years or so.

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    yes its useing the new form of cable.

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    update: i have managed to remove the linux partitions on the 40

    so now i would like to know how to place the /home on it.

    i would also like to more the data that is currently in home to the 40 but do not have enough hard disk room to make a backup (i do have backups on cd but if i can move it without haveing to reinstall ut2004 and checking that all new files are backuped that would be great)

    in short i need some info on createing and modifing partitions.

    has anyone got the answers or have a link to them?

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    update: problem solved heres what i did

    i formated the 40 with the win xp cd (there might be other ways to do this i wish i knew what they were) then used the comand:

    init 3

    to run without using the /home. from there i loged in as root and changed the partitions by creating a new /home and changeing the old one to /home_backup. then i just copied the files from the folders. i did have to change file permissions because for some reason it changed user to root during the copy but it was as simple as:

    chown -cR user:group *
    chmod -cR u +rw *

    just make sure that is only done in the /home

    thanks for your help !

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