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    Help With General Installations

    Ok well iv had mandriva installed on my dads EPC for a while, iv simply used it to watch tv shows online and such, iv attempted to try and install programs, like VLC player, Winrar anything that i thought would be helpful but alas nothing seems to be working, iv been working in 'Konsole' seeing as the Root Terminal is passworded and for some reason the admin password doesnt work..which is annoying.. im completely new to scripting and to linux so i only have a very basic idea of what the heck im doing (sometimes) what im asking is for some help in general install, iv run install --help and tried to look through that tried tar xvjf (filename).tar.bz2 and other commands to install throughout a number of websites. but unfortunately nothing seems to be working and im simply being told that the file or directory doesnt exist. if someone could help me out maybe even have control of the computer and do it for me so i can watch (i was always a more visual learner anyway xD) it would be a great deal of help, there is nothing vital or any details (credit card or otherwise) on here for people to exploit, so if you try to do that theres no point (just thought id put that out there for those kinds of people) BUT i would very much appreciate some help as i am stuck and annoyed extremely. Cheers


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    Hello, we need a bit more information to help you out. My first question is are you committed to repairing your current distro or are you open to re-installing the OS? As a relative beginner it might be easier to simply re-install from scratch rather than repair and work around not having an admin password. Those may both be difficult obstacles. Assuming you are open to re-installing, you could re-install with the latest version of Mandriva (2011) or try a more mainstream distro (no flame wars here please! I'm just sayin'). You can browse to see what looks easy and interesting. Installation of most modern distros is a breeze so you should be able to be up and running within an hour after downloading the file.

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