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    Mandrake 10.1 official on HP Pavilion dv1071ea

    Hello everyone
    i tried to install mandarke linux 10.1 official on my HP Pavilion dv1071ea, first during installation, setup don't detect my Inel Extreme Graphics 2 chipset neither the 1280 x 768 LCD screen,
    secondly when the installation is complete and i try to boot on linux, the computer freeze everytime, at 1/4 of the booting progress, sometimes on initializing USB device (when my IOMEGA 160 GB HDD is connected to the USB2), on "Building Mozilla Registery" (HDD not connected, mozilla package installed), and sometimes on "Entering non-Interactive Mode" (HDD not connected, Mozilla package not installes)
    so do you have any idea or do you suggest any other linux Version????
    Thanks in advance

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    First off you need to configure the chipset/resolution manually then. For the Mozilla issue it sounds like a package did not install or may be installed incorrectly. I do not suggest using a different distro all though you might wont to try. For the usb issue install with command noprobe. Press ctrl+alt+F1 to see where it hangs unless doing a text install.

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    ipw2200 causing long pauses

    dear wael,

    try removing ipw2200 module (default wifi driver) :

    $ modprobe -r ipw2200

    also, disable related stuff to it in /etc/modprobe.preload and /etc/modprobe.config;

    if you are planning to use your wireless adapter, try using ndiswrapper
    and its bundled proprietary windows drivers.

    - mehrtash

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    thanks for reply, but the problem is that i can't even access the shell, the rescue function from the mandrake cd does allow access????

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