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    i need Guidence for Mandriva/Mageia/Rosa

    hi Guys.

    Please kindly clear few doubts of mine that are as follows:

    1.i like mandriva 2012 but now mageia is there i wana have something for 2-3 years as my OS of choice because i wana use it for Lamp, java and netbeans is it fine for that.
    2.can i install Mysql in it ,is it supported in Megia.
    3.performance of Graphics and does it have some 3d accelaration capabilities.. support and drwamweaver CS5 on it.
    5.can i install ubuntu softwares / packages on it. it better than ubuntu,fedora 17 and opensuse.
    7. mageia or rosa 2012 which one as for graphics and java development and also LAMP.

    i am confused i like mint fedora and opensuse i dont know which one to use. i am also keeping win7 i doubt netbeans,LAMP performance like in win7 or can i get it better in any one these linux distros than win7 please clear my doubts.

    i am very confused new guy in world of LINUX but i have few distros in my list that i wana use mandriva 2012 or mageia or rosa or mint or ubuntu(i think hard to work with unity also feel it crashes on many softwares) or opensus or fedora 17.

    Thanks a lot.

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    While Mageia and Mandriva does handle mysql, wine etc. just fine, I would leave them as desktop distros , for LAMP servers I would go for RedHat/Centos/Scientific or Debian, as you will find a lot more information and tutorials.

    IŽd say also a linux server will have a better performance than a windows server, but as a testbed you could also try WAMP
    WampServer, the web development platform on Windows - Apache, MySQL, PHP

    I use mageia 2 with gnome and cairo-dock as a desktop at work and at home, been working fine so far.

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