Mandrake Linux
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We have 2 article-type reviews for people who are considering starting with, or moving to Mandrake. These articles are exclusive to
- Mandrake Linux 10.1 Review
- A month later with Mandrake Linux 10.1 Official

Tutorials/Help at
You can find specialised information on installing software under Mandrake using the urpm software system in THIS tutorial. (you can find some other tutorials that are not Mandake specific here).

You are currently in the Mandrake Help forum section at You are welcome to post any questions you have about Mandrake here in this section (registration required). Of course, we advise that you try a search before posting, your question may have already been asked/answered by someone else recently.

External Tutorials/Help
You can find the official Mandrake 10 documentation online at