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    Cannot login as root in failsafe, pls help

    Hi guys,

    I installed Mandrake 10.0 on VMWare. I made it start KDE automatically when reboot. But I need to do install something before being able to load X so I went into failsafe and tried to login as root. It keeps telling me that I have incorrect password, although I was pretty sure about it since I just installed it. I reinstalled it again and I am demn sure about the password yet still tells me that is incorrect.

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Is there any other way to log in as root given the above?

    thanks in advance!

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    be aware that linux is a case sensetive operating system, so pAssword and Password and password and PASSWORD are all very different.

    Make sure that the password that you setup and the one that you're typing in are the same case (suggest that you keep your passwords ALL lowercase - ie. no capitals).

    Also, when logging on as the superuser, you enter root as the userid (again all lower case ) or you can logon as your normal user and then open up a terminal and enter "su -" (again lower case and the space followed by the hyphen are meant to be there) followed by the root password and you will have a superuser terminal.


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    Also it might be a problem with the regional keyboard settings, since in the UK the 'Y' is between the 'T' and the 'U', while the 'Z' s between the '\' and the 'X'.
    But ona German keyboard the letters are swaped around, so 'Z' is between 'T' and 'U', and 'Y' is between '\' and 'X'.

    The keyboard layout may change between seting the password and using it.
    To recterfy this ether use a password that dosn't contain 'swaped' letters, or be aware of this and type the letters with the 'changed' keys;

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