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    Totally new to linux!

    Ok, I have a hard drive in the ext3 format. It was connected to a Linksys NSLU2 network storage link. The link went bad and I need to get the data off the hdd. I have Mandrake 10 and installed it on a pc. I try to access the hdd and it is always locked. It says I dont have enough permissions to access it. What do I do to access it?

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    Have you tryed as root.
    Please post the way you've tryed to get the actual data


    EDIT : What do you mean by the link went bad?
    whats this device? usb, ethernet HD, ...
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    How do I try as root?

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    Login with root as the username and use the root pass for the password
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    Ok, but how??
    when I go to login , it brings up a box with the "available" usernames in there. I only have one username, so I click it and it will only allow me to type the password???

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    If you log in from the console, just type "root", hit enter, and enter the root password. Depending on your GUI, you may be able to type in a user name here as well. If you can't, log in under your normal name, go to a command prompt, type "su" (switch user command), and then the root password. You now have root capabilities and privileges for any commands run within the console. As for making sure the harddrive is properly mounted, I can't help you too much there.
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    OK, again, I cant type anything when I log gives me the available usernames, I can only select one, then I can type a password for it. I cannot change to a different username.
    As far as the su, I tried that and now the dev folder comes up as locked and I can access that.
    I think I'm gonna try a new install of mandrake and see what that does.

    Does anyone know of a program that will read ( and allow me to copy ) ext3 files in windows???
    I tried explore2fs but its not working, anything else?

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