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Thread: KDE in Gnome?!

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    KDE in Gnome?!

    I have just typed in kde at the command line (was trying to switch over from Gnome) I now have KDE running inside Gnome. I would like to go back to just Gnome. Is there a command for this?


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    killall kde
    That should do it.
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    [root@cm61-18-111-208 john]# killall kde
    kde: no process killed
    [root@cm61-18-111-208 john]#

    Kill all didnt work, I would try logging out and loggin in again but Im downloading Fedora Core 3 at the mo.

    Is there anything else?


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    all you should have to do is select "Logout" from the K Menu. this'll just return you to Gnome. If you have programs running within KDE it will kil those, but not the ones running within Gnome. you can also run top from the command line and type k and then the process id # of whatever looks like KDE, but i wouldn't advise this.

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