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    I know, and that's why I'm trying to become accustomed to Linux, but if this is the easiest (or at least thats what I read it was made for) distro to use, I just can't see the common person switching to it. Thanks for the help, I'll try that trick.

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    Aliright well I tried that and it went fine up until after i pressed ctrl-alt-F7. The screen went to a blinking underscore in the top left with no text. NOthing was happening and there was no HDD activity. I tried typing but nothing showed up.

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    Alright well I'm switching to SUSE, I gave Mandrake a try and it let me down, thanks to everyone who tried to help.

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    Oops. Looks like I made an error. Rather than Ctrl+Alt+F7, use vterm 2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2) then type "startx" so:

    log in as root
    # init 4

    go to vterm 2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2)
    sign in as normal user
    $ startx

    That should work. Sorry again for the error.

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    Sorry but I get the same error that I got in the beginning.

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