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    I just finished burning my Madrake 10.1 for PPC CD's and tried to boot off them, no luck. When I tried from OS 9 it couldn't read the CD, said it was a Pro-DOS disk and asked me to initialize it. I have scoured the web for an update to the CD/DVD driver but can't find one. Is this even what I need? I am positive I got the Mandrake PPC CD's as all the install instructions are for Mac. Thanks for any help, I know this is a dumb newb question.

    nm ... stupid me. Looks like I have a bad CD. Anyone have a link to good CD's? Anyone have an FTP server with them on it? I tried to boot from open firmware and it cannot read the first block on the disk. Or maybe this is common and there is a work around? One can hope :)

    Also, is it possible I am burning the CD's incorrectly? I am using Nero to burn the, just burn image from recorder menu. Is there a better app I should use? Sorry for all the questions.

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    You have to make sure that you burn the cd's as iso images. If you're using the version of nero that I use at work. It has , in it's wizard an option to burn iso images. Don't untar(zip) the isos. Just burn them under the "burn iso image" option.

    I got my images from the mandrake website. I ran the md5 on them all to make sure that they were ok then burned them to cd . They booted fine ! Mind you I'm using the i586 version so it may be a little different for you.

    Hope this helps .

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    i586 as in 64-bit G5?

    I can't get tot he Mandrake website so I had to get them from here:

    I can't find out how to run an md5 check, but as far as I can tell the numbers match those from other sites, but I am going off the numbers available from that FTP site against others. I'll make sure I burn an ISO in Nero, I was just clicking on "burn image". Thanks!

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    MDK 10.1 isn't available for 64 bit processors, only 10.0. Are you sure you got the correct version?

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