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    Mandrake 10.1 installation INTERNAL ERROR: no kernel availab

    Trying to install but get this following errors

    An error occurred
    INTERNAL ERROR: no kernel available
    MDK::Common::Various::internal_error()called from /usr/bin/perl-install/
    pkgs::bestKernelPackage()called from /usr/bin/perl-install/
    install_any::setPackages() called from usr/bin/perl-install/
    install_steps_interactive::setPackages()called from /usr/bin/perl-install/
    install2:installStepsCall() called from /usr/bin/perl-install/
    install2:choosePackages() called from /usr/bin/perl-install/
    (eval)()called from /usr/bin/perl-install/
    install2::main()called from /usr/bin/runinstall2:36

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    What are you trying to install
    whats your kernel version
    if your installing Mandrake, what version is it,
    what are you installing from...

    Please post as many details as possible
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    RE:Mandrake 10.1 installation INTERNAL ERROR: no kernel

    I got the same thing...exactly
    ibm 320 .. p5-133 x2 (dual proc)
    official 10.1
    probably scsi termination prob ?
    I tryed all kinds of stuff ... installer tries to fix it by reallocating the drive partitions .. to no avail .. I thought maybe I had the sizes wrong for minimum install so everything went to / and a 20m /boot ... still no good .. I am waiting on a better controller now and I'll dig into ot then...

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