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    Hangups during install

    Hello all!

    Question for ya! I installed mandrake linux (10.1 official dvd) and went to do the update (from the installer) and I failed to connect to a server.... so I exited the installer and hoped that I could boot into mandrake... well no luck.. so I format the drive it was on... Now there is no trace of it on my hard drive, nothing... but for some reason it takes FOREVER to start the install and then it hangs up on those grey screens in between options when first installing then it hangs up after agreeing to the TOS or w/e.... but when I first installed it it was going perfectly fine... what the heck? Help?

    Thanks guys...

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    what is the link you downloaded the dvd from??

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    I cannot remember... but it installed fine the first time... now it hangs up at the grey loading screens for several minutes.......

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    anybody have a solution.. I really want to run mandrake 10.1.....

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    Do you get any error message,
    what your box component (HW, MEM, PROC,...)
    what are the options you've tryed so far, have you tryes SAFE MODE install
    please folow up
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    Not that I'm any expert, but having installed from the Mini CD, I found that some of the mirrors took very long times to load and depending on the mirror you use, the update can take a couple of minutes to return results, to half an hour or more. If you exited before the install was completed, that is probably why you couldn't boot up.
    The symptoms you describe are pretty much what I experienced when using the US mirrors. I just learned (after a couple of bewildering attempts with the same result as yours) to just leave it alone and go have a coffee or do something else, and eventually the updates would appear. Like they say, good things come to he who waits I am having a very similar problem with software installs taking forever, which I am going to post about next.

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    hmmm... It's interesting that you're having this problem. I, too, got the DVD for Mandrake 10.1 and it mysteriously stopped working. I had to fall back on the CDs. I assumed it was bad media. Maybe your media is bad?

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