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There is no LiveDisk version of this that I can find, which means my choices are to install it or forget it and boot from the hard drive (nice feature, but need more).

In installation, Mageia sees but does not recognize my empty 500Gb USB hard drive which is just waiting for it. If it would write to that drive, my machine would boot off it and I wouldn't have to worry about wiping or partitioning my C: drive. (I eventually chose to partition C:, but it only gave me 36 Gb space.)

The Installer also has no BACK button anywhere, despite the fact that it contains a few warnings which would impel one to do just that. The only way I have found to stop the installation (no, I did not get to where it was actually writing to the hard drive) is to do a hard boot (i.e., lean on the power button until the computer cries "Uncle" and shuts down).

I managed to make enough things certain that I could proceed to install Mageia. There were more hiccups.

1. My computer is connected to the Internet via wifi. Setup asked me if I wanted to configure wifi, I said yes. Then it looked for a while and said it could not find a driver, and would I wish to use a Windoze driver. I said OK. It then informed me it could not find a driver, and THEN, this deep into installation, informed me that it could only use Windoze drivers up through XP (I'm running 7 HP). So I had to continue (or abort, with unknown consequences) installation without access to the Internet and no hope that I would ever get that access.

2. I had requested MATE desktop. Over half the time of installing files was taken up with copying KDE files.

Now for the good news. The installation worked, I booted into Mageia (and it's beautiful, including the sound selection), I had no trouble with my monitor (32" LED TV)... and after being prompted to reinstall the installation disk to look for a driver, it did indeed find a wifi driver (or I wouldn't be writing this message for another half hour, and then in Windoze with a lot more nastiness to my tone).

I hope I continue to find good things to say about this. But these are some pretty big hurdles to get over, and not everyone would have made the right choices, some of which could have resulted in wiping or damaging my hard drive.

Computer Information: Dell Inspiron 518 00, 2.40 GHz quad-core 32-bit, 4 GB RAM (very, very slow RAM by today's standards), Hitachi 500 Gb hard drive. I'm using an Emerson 32" LED TV as my monitor (which is why I'm not installing Manjaro, which refused to recognize and use my monitor). Connected via wifi to a Motoral AT&T wifi modem.