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    I'm trying to install AMSN and when I open the RPM file, it asks me for linux install cd4 and i only have cd 1, 2, and 3. Is there a cd4, or is there something else i need to do to bypass that. Also, My wireless mouse and keyboard don't seem to work with it either. They plug into my USB ports in the back of my computer. Do I need to install drivers for the USB ports as well? also i'm using Mandrake 10.0

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    If it asks for the 4th CD, you must have the official distro... where did you get it from?
    as for the USB mouse an Kboard, do you have a PS/2 converter? mandrake does have all the requierd driver... mabye your xf86config isnt configured properly...
    when you say, they dont seem to work fine,... what do you exactly meen...

    as for amsn, there many way you can install get the Linux installer or the TAR and you'll be able to make it your without the 4th cd
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    i download the iso from it only had 3 cd's to dowload. also i figured out the msn thing. but what i men when i was talking about my usb mouse and keyboard, linux isn't even acknowledging my mouse and keyboard are present. where it show connection on my wireless reciever the light doesn't even come on. i have a soyo kt600plus board, but i can't find any drivers for linux for the board. also its usb2.0

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    kay I need some major help....I recently installed Linux Mandriva 2006 and I don't know how to get AMSN working. I installed it and I got the login screen up and I try to log in, then it tells me I need a TLS file, I downloaded the TLS file and I don't know what to do now plz help

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