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    Mandrake 10.1 Installation Freezeup

    Ok i have a homebuilt computer(specs listed below) that i'm trying to install linux on. I previously had 10.0 Official on it but it does not support my sata drive. So i downloaded 10.1 and installed it on my computer. Mandrake 10.1 proceeded to freeze over the next couple reboots since it was installed on my sata drive. I decided to try and reinstall and now when it is loading the sata/scsi/raid drivers it freezes. I then decided to unplug my sata drive and linux proceeded with the installation with no problem. Finally i plugged it back in and ran windows windows was going to install on it with no problem thus conferring that the drive is in fact fine. I was curious if there was some parameters that i could add to fix this.

    if you can help me i would be extremely happy, I do not want to return to windows.

    Thank you,

    Computer specs:
    AMD64-bit Athlong 2800
    80 gig UATA h/d
    80 gig SATA h/d(Western Digital)

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    I'm an idiot

    ok look i really am an idiot i tried to believe a Micro$oft program over linux stupid me hahaha... well when i finally put the drive back in and tried to actually install windows i realized that the first time windows had simply been installing to my UATA drive and that it was decieving me...its just like micro$oft to decieve people well i'm sorry for wasting your time but my hard drive currently sits in the freezer until further notice. After i take it out and finagle with it i may throw it into a fire. Stupid SATA I suggest not buying them my friends just recently fried too...thank you.

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    I got same problem..

    i figure way how i go around the freezing install..

    Just First it take some TIME, it's try install SATA RAID drivers.. it's take about 15min! when it cannot install sata, it's make error, OR if u got IDE-hard disk, it just CONTINUE...

    Next You must choose what packets you want to install...
    Make no changes!, then You just wait, it's maybe freeze sometime, or make error, just b00t, and do all again, BUT make UPGRADE install, it's continue.. when u got boot locations installed, just run mandrake..

    then go mandrake panel, and make update, choose DVD/CD packets upgrade, and choose all what u can..

    then u have all packets installed with mandrake

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