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    Windows partitions have dissapeared from "Computer"


    The first time I installed mandrake 10.1 community, it recognised my windows partitions and put them in the "Computer" folder, the equivilant of my computer....

    I did a reinstall because I needed to resize a partition and mandrake couldnt cope....

    Since the new install, the windows partitions are no longer there! However, they are mounted at boot by default and i can access them through somehitng like /mnt/win_C etc....

    So, they are there, and they are mounted and detected, but why wont they show up in the "Computer"!!!!

    I know its not a major problem, its just easier if they are there....



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    well i would say that a symlink wasnt made to fix this you can as root do this
    ln -s /mnt/win_c  /path/to/the/computer/dir
    ofcourse you will use the correct paths to the directory's on your system
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    Any idea where the "Computer" folder is???? im drawing a blank here! Is it even a proper folder?

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    No one knows what this "Computer" folder is. Is it dir you made yourself? I've never used a dir like that, it just make sense always to go to /mnt/ for cds, and harddrives, and floppies, etc.

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    sorry, i mean the "Computer" folder thats on the GNOME desktop, i should of made that a bit clearer!

    Its like my computer is in windows, and has links to all dives, network and the root filesystem

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    Sounds like a shortcut. Just make a shortcut (named "Computer") on your desktop to open the file manager (Nautius or something like that, right, in don't know GNOME that well) and in the command have it point to /mnt/

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