I got MSI K8T Neo 64-bit AMD mainboard.
It's contains SATA RAID, by integrated..

I have just Installed Mandrake 10.1 to IDE Hard Disk [30G]
Mine other Hard Disk (SATA) is on the RAID....... [200G]

So the problem is mounting partitions from SATA Hard Disk... I have FAT32 & NTFS partitions in SATA RAID Hard Disk..

1 Q. ) How i can make to choose system, what i want to use?
Now there is LINUX & FAILSAFE..
I want Windows XP choise...

2. Q. ) Next Question is, how may i mount these partitions on linux ?

i think u guys this is easy, but there nothing to mount in /dev
so, i think i have to someway add the SATA DEV in /dev, so how may i do it?

plz help, me i just little n00b, training linux basic, but there are not good help forums to AMD 64-BIt, cause it's NEW!! Some drivers are BETA testing and blablabla