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    Just to tell you few more things which i mised earlier:

    To check ur version of perl

    type rpm --qa | grep perl in a console.

    it will give u a list and u can note the perl and perl modules which came with ur distro.
    In my case my compu had preinstalled
    perl-5.8.1-0.RC4.3mdk and perl-base5.8.1-0.rc4.3mdk
    This will help you in downloading the correct RPM for ur perl modules.


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    hi, I am unable to find the rpms for the version of perl I have
    I am running mandrake 10.1
    looking for perl
    perl-5.8.5-3.1.101mdk with arch type i686.
    couldn't find it on rpmfine.
    anywhere else I can try?

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    Check this link

    This link is for i586 but i guess it will work fine for i686 but please check with others. What i understand bu i586 is 586 or higher which can be 686.

    choose perl-5.8.5-3mdk and perl-base-5.8.5-3mdk to download.

    Good luck

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    just realised I don't know what lib files are? what kind of files should I be deleting?
    I went to /usr/lib/ perl5 and there are two folders there.
    perl5.8.5/ nad vendor-perl/
    I am really a novice and very nervous about deleting something important.

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    Tell me, Did the problems cropped only after new PERl installation !!! or you have done something else!! (Sorry my mistake, I should have asked it earlier).

    Also if u don't want to delete those file USE --force option to install the perl RPMs

    what u have to do is to go into the dir where u have downloaded perl RPMs

    type in a konsole

    rpm -ivh -F name of perl rpm | name of perlbase

    Also u can google ur error report when u type drakconf or search this forum to get more insight.

    Good luck

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    nothing works. the problem is I want the option to get mandrake control center from my menu and it has vanished. I don't know how to get it back.
    is there any other command which I can run from the console?

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    thanks to everyone who helped me on this.
    I finally just dowloaded the rpm for drakconf and installed it in /sbin
    but it doesnt have the software installation option in it.!!! now what do i do?
    thanks again.

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    You can type info RPM or man RPM in your konsole, to get the options for RPM installatiion.

    Please see my few replies in which i have given some commands regarding perl installation . You can replace the name of RPM with that of drakconf.

    However I'm afraid that it's not a good idea!!! i also asked You whether you tried installing new version of perl from source which caused this problem of drakconf Or else can you write what exactly you did afterwhich the problem cropped up. Or this problem was since new installation.

    Please try to give details.

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    ok, I trying reinstalling perl. it diid nothing. then tried the drakinst_fstab option agai n and it was complaining of lack of some file
    so I reinstallled drakxtools and then installed the rpm for drakxconf using urpmi .
    immediately the option for mandrake control center came back on the menu
    so now when I do drakconf, i can go into mandrake c c. but that has all the options except the software installation option.
    maybe I have installed an old version. I did choose it off mandrake 10.1
    what could be the problem?

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