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    Quote Originally Posted by Edude03
    can some 1 help me 2
    i downloaded the 3 disc set also
    but it asks for disc 4 2 install kde is there
    a disc 4 or is kde on another disc
    Disk four is not available for download due to the fact it contains propriotry software, I beleve gnome or an earlier version of KDE is on one of the other disks;

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    Thank you dylunio. I tried that before but it still didn't boot from the Cd. I browsed the CD and on the instructions, it said some laptop might boot from CD and said if that happens, I am meant to create a floppy boot disc. I have ordered a USB floppy drive so I will try that when it arrives and hopefully it should work. But if it doesn't I will have to ask for help again from you nice guys here.

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    flashy01, if the computer did not boot from from the CD drive, then you have not set it right in the BIOS or you have some problems with your CD. If it is bootable and the correct boot order is set in the BIOS your computer boots from the CD. Buying a fancy USB floppy drive does not make any differens. YOU will have tell the computer from which drive it shuold boot. I don't mean to be angry, just very clear!

    Good luck and be carefull with your XP partitions!

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    Often there's a button, like F12 you have to hit when the BIOS loads, in order to boot the CD. Try also disabling the Quick Boot option (if present), in the BIOS menu.

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    Thanks guys. I will try and download the CDs again and see what happens

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    For laptops to boot from CD instead of hdd, you most likely need to hold down some key before switching your computer on.

    For example, my Toshiba laptop requires me to hold down the F12 key until the Toshiba splashscreen, then choose to boot from CD-ROM.

    Consult your laptop manual on which key is correct.

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    Oh thanx arctos. I will try and find that out

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    Hi guys I have just received my floppy drive and tried installing linux booting from the floppy drive. The instalation started fine but then it said "could not open compressed ramdisk file" Does anyone knows what this means and what should I do please? Thanks.

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    Re: mandrake 10. install ???

    Quote Originally Posted by linuxtx
    while installing mandrake 10.1, I got this error message: something about it not being able to find an ide device which to load to , (parport_pc, "imm", "ppa interfaces"). But when looking in the hardware devices listed, I could find nothiing familiar and or devices; the harddrive I'm supposing - rite?
    Ihave a problem same like yours. I thought its a new topic so i sent the problem in this forum again. So what did you do then? Do you download the 10.1 or you have succeed solve the problem with mandrake 10? Please tell me.

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