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    10.1 community or official????


    I currently have 10.1 community installed but now have a dvd for 10.1 official. Can someone explain what the difference / benifits are of the official version? Its the officail version from an iso i downloaded from a mirror.

    Also, I am not sure weather the dvd downloaded or burned properly, i cant open any of the text files on it.... i used k3b i thik to burn it. But it does boot and ive got as far as the keyboard layout bit, but dont want to go any urther incase it does something perminant.

    How can I check wheather the dvd is ok or not? I know u guys will say md5 it, but i dont know how to do that! Can u explain what to do step by step! im a bit of a noob lol.


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    Community = Beta Version (Therefore bugs)
    Official = Official Release (Less bugs)

    If it boots, it sounds ok. I'm not an expert of md5 sums and that stuff, so what for someone else to help you with that.

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