Well I have a mini-itx epia V 800mhz board that I would like to run mandrake 10.1 official. I can install it fine but when I reboot and get to lilo it just restarts. I know what I need to do to fix this problem I need to change the kernel to kernel-i586-up-1GB- . Although I am not 100% new to linux I am still new enough to get lost adding this kernel. Its my understanding that I need to insert the first install cd and, hit F1 for more options. When the prompt comes up type rescue This brings up a menu with like 4 options. From that menu you are suposed to use the menu option to change root into the hard drive. I have done this the next step that the how to guide that I have found online tells me to Launch the Mandrake Software Installation tool and type "kernel" in the search box. Well this is where I get stuck because I dont know what the mandrake software install tool is from that point I was at before. It seems like I am missing a step some where could someone please break this down for me it would be greatly appricated
oh the link that I refer to is http://radagast.bglug.ca/epia/epia_h....html#Mandrake