hi all,

I using Mandrake 10.1 on a laptop with no trade name. p4 2.4hz 512mb.
i am trying to install wvstreams and after ./configure command i do make and then a message of the kind appears:

make -c xplc
make[1]: entering directory '/home/.../tmp/wvstreams4.0.1/xplc'
cp dist/xplc - uninstalled.pc xplc-uninstalled.pc
make[1]: leaving directory '/home/.../tmp/wvstreams4.0.1/xplc'
linking uniconf/daemon/uniconfd...
linking uniconf/tests/uni...
moc -o include/wvqthook.moc include/wvqthook.h
/bin/bash: line 1 moc command not found
make: ***[include/wvqthook.moc] error 127

Pls can anybody tell me what i am doing wrong?