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    auto running a command ?

    i have wolf et installed but to hear any sound i need to run this command
     echo "et.x86 0 0 direct" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss
    this would be fine it that was it but i need to retype it after every restart so my question is:
    is there a way to automaticaly run this command on startup?

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    yes put the command in one of the files in /etc/init.d like boot.local

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    well i got it in a script (in madrake start everyone i think) but its not doing its job

    if i run the script again after load it starts working so my guess is that the script i had selected runs before the sound has been set up and therefore my command does nothing.

    question is what script can i put the command in so that it runs after the sound is up?

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    I usually put my command (startup) in to this file /etc/rc.d/rc.local
    i load many program with this,
    this file is loaded after all other init file so it might help in your case to make sure everything is loaded before executing this command (which might want to access something that isnt already loaded)
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    thanks that got it working

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    sadly i take back that last statement

    it lets me hear sound in my game but it cuts the ablelity to record (and tranfer sound as in voice comm) sound (mic and line in).

    i can still hear sound coming from these ports, but linux programs don't

    if i comment out the line and enter it in by hand everything works?

    so whats wrong and/or how do i fix it?

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    Fire up your mixer and make sure the recording channels are unmuted/turned up.
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    o forgot to say that as soon as i boot up it strips the mixer of all switches and most of the volume controls (still has line mic and a few other but not capture) and if i try to run a recording program (audacity or teamspeak for example) a very odd tone (maybe 40 hz) comes from the headphones without any spikes from screaming in the mic

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