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    Mandrake 10.0 -> 10.1 update problems (Video accel. &

    I recently updated from 10.0 to 10.1.

    Now I have two problems:

    - After attaching USB devices (camera working as mass storage deveice and thumb drive) I cannot open any file broweser windows in KDE any more.
    This problem does not exist, whenn I logon as root
    I can access the "drives" /mnt/camera and /mnt/removable from a text terminal (e.g. when not running X)

    - DRI is not working in user mode. Again, there is no problem when login on as root.


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    That last thing you said would suggest that you don't have enough priviledges to access USB devices. Check your settings and group belongings.


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    Konqueror problem, run it from the command line and post the output.

    DRI problem, post the output of the comand

    cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE
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    DRI problem solved

    Thank you for your posts.

    I was able to fix the DRI problem. The following lines were missing in xorg.comf:

    # ************************************************** ********************
    # DRI Section
    # ************************************************** ********************
    Section "dri"
    # Access to OpenGL ICD is allowed for all users:
    Mode 0666
    # Access to OpenGL ICD is restricted to a specific user group:
    # Group 100 # users
    # Mode 0660

    This enables DRI for users

    I am still trying to get the USC thumbdrive working. In addition to the previously posted info I found:

    After attaching the thumdrive and mounting it:

    - When starting konqueror from the command line I do not get any output whatsoever
    It does not matter, which filesystem I want to browse
    - The quicklaunch bar dos not work anymore also
    - When using su to run as root and starting konqeror from a shell it works somewhat slow, but OK
    - Any konqueror window which was opened before plugging in and mount of the thumbdrive still works

    Thank you for any help.

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    i'm having exactly the same problems, only with a sony cybertshot u50 instead, and on a clean mandrake 10.1 install.

    this is on quite an old motherboard as well - chaintech 440bx board with a pii 400 - surely they should have the drivers for this chipset sorted by now?!

    that said, it does seem to be more of a konqueror issue - in mandrake 10 when plugging in the camera an icon would popup on the desktop. this doesn't happen now, so maybe something bad happens as konqueror tries to recognise the new hardware?

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    Update problems

    I was able to solve all problems. I did a clean install rather than an update. I had to fix the DRI problem again, but that was the only problem. Camera and Flash drive work with supermount.
    Recently, I also updated to 10.2b without problems.

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    this is on a clean install though! and not only that, it's a brand new clean install (if that makes sense) so there aren't any tweaks which might be causing problems!

    i think i'll have a look on mandrake update, maybe some new kde packages will sort it...

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    ah permissions

    I installed nautalis. Maybe now I can get kon working

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